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Vitamin B12 Injection

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Vitamin B12 Injection is an important vitamin that helps make red blood cells and keeps your nervous system working properly. Vitamin B12 helps your body utilize carbohydrates as wells fat to produce energy and make protein.  For this reason, vitamin B12 has also been used in connection with weight loss and aiding in energy levels. 

Most people obtain sufficient vitamin b12 from their diet, but deficiency in B12 may occur in people with certain health conditions such as poor nutrition, vegan or people consuming vegetarian diet, stomach or intestinal problems with absorption, infection, cancer, celiac disease, atrophic gastritis, Crohn’s disease, and alcoholism.

The following symptoms have been reported in people with vitamin b12 deficiency:

Adult: anemia, irregular reflexes, numbness and tingling sensations, weakness of arms or legs, dizziness, dementia, restless legs, tremor, impotence, weakness, fatigue, depression, irritability, psychosis, violent behavior, hallucinations

Children: anemia, macrocytosis, poor motor and communication skills, hypotonia, tremor, seizures, ataxia, loss of appetite, poor weight gain, involuntary movements

It is vital to eat foods containing vitamin B12 or take vitamin b12 supplements to avoid the aforementioned symptoms. For people who are unable to take vitamin B12 or experience severe symptoms requiring more than oral supplementation, vitamin B12 injection may be a recommended alternative. To decide whether vitamin b12 injection is appropriate, one is recommended to seek medical professional’s advice and guidance first. Vitamin B-12 shot can be used at home as an injection under the instruction of a health care professional.